Your Guide for The Parenthood Journey

How would it feel to have an experienced guide
to count on through every step of your parenthood journey?

Pregnancy, birth, & parenthood change you — forever.

No matter how you become a family, once you begin this journey it leaves a permanent mark on your heart.

It’s common to have LOTS of different feelings on your parenthood journey…

And while there are tons of information available about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood all at the touch of a button, what about that information? Is it current? Is it evidence-based? Is “Dr. Google” a reliable and unbiased source of support when searching for guidance about the realities of raising the next generation?
That’s where I come in…

With over twenty-five years of practical experience inside and outside the classroom, I can help you navigate all the normal twists and turns that might happen as you make your way through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

My passion for all things bellies, birth and babies has been lifelong and I’m excited to share that passion with you! I’d like to be your confidante – someone you can trust to share the realities of what is means to raise the next generation and encourage you to trust that you already have what you need to do this most important work. I’d love for this to be a safe place for you and your partner to gain the skills and necessary information so that you feel truly prepared for pregnancy, birth, & parenthood.

The road ahead might seem super scary at times...

Working with me as your guide will make all the difference! Together, we’ll determine which path is the right one for YOU.

Barb Buckner Suárez

Here are just a few comments from the many families I’ve guided through their parenthood journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so glad to hear you’ve been referred to me! Former families are my BEST ambassadors! Check out my “Work With Me” page where you can schedule and register for the services that seem right for you. Still have questions? Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and we’ll figure it out together.
Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and we can talk about where you are in your parenthood journey and tailor something specific that will meet your needs. I’m certain that we can find a way to connect! Still have questions? Schedule a free 15-minute call with me and we’ll figure it out together.

How to work with me



I'm Pregnant? Now What?

To get you started on your journey, I offer an online, on-demand webinar. This is perfect for those thinking about getting pregnant, actively working towards getting pregnant or still in their first trimester.

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Getting ready for the big day

My Childbirth Preparation Class 4-Week Series can be taken as a small group online offering during the lunch hour or as a private 3-Week Series at your convenience. It’s designed to help you approach the big day feeling excited and empowered rather than frightened and overwhelmed.

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What do I do again?

This is a class for those who have already given birth before and need a refresher or those who are wanting more hands-on practice for the experience of labor and birth.


Tools for the Journey

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The Connection Bubble

No one can predict how your birth will unfold. In this Couples Connection Class, the focus is on helping couples strengthen the relationship they share prior to birth so their baby can be born into that shared connection – no matter what.

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Becoming Us

Becoming Us (Before OR After Baby) is a 4-Week Series of either small-group or private sessions designed to help couples navigate the normal challenges and changes that happen after starting a family. 92% of couples report increased conflict after the birth of their first baby. Becoming Us classes help babyproof your relationship.

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Re-prioritizing our relationship

These private Couples Coaching Sessions are geared for couples who are wanting to reprioritize their relationship. I work directly with couples on the unique issues coming between them so they can grow closer together as they learn communication skills and how to handle conflict better as a team.


Trekking Ahead

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Who am I now?

Becoming a parent can have profound effects on your self-identity and the transition to parenthood brings both joys and struggles. These private sessions are designed to help you integrate who you were – with who you are now.

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Adding to Our Family

These private sessions are designed to help couples considering expanding their family (or already on their way) but could use a little extra support around what to expect. Part counseling, part mediation, the work we do in these sessions will help you prepare for what it means to add a new baby to your family.

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I need to tell my story

It's perfectly normal to feel grateful for having a healthy baby, and still need to process the challenging emotions of a birth that was not what you expected. Lingering feelings of anger, grief, frustration, and disappointment can prevent you from adapting to and enjoying your new role as a parent. Birthing people, partners (even birth workers!) who have gone through a challenging birth, can work with me in these private sessions to integrate one of life’s most transformative experiences.

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is an actual thing and it really does work! Y'all are doing a GREAT job talking about what I do with your friends and family - because they're finding me! ⁣
Not only that - this past year in particular, lots of former families have GIFTED a class or series with me for someone they care about! 

Did you even know that was possible? Well, it is. Because it's starting to be a thing! 

Grandparents, big sisters, cousins, even just really good friends - have all reached out to me and asked if they could give the same support that they received from me, to someone they love.

(I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!)

This kind of affirmation for the work that I do to support families fills my cup and keeps me going, y'all! 

I want to take a moment to recognize that THIS is the village our families need to help them raise the next generation and I'm SO proud to be a part of it! Many of you have felt like my support matters in this work enough to gift it to others. Y'all are amazing!

So... Thank you! And, please keep it up! 

And if you're someone who works with new or expectant families, please add me to your resource list and/or share my work with them. 

I'm on a mission to make sure that ALL families do more than just survive parenthood - I want them to thrive.
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If we're being honest, love is hard work. It's even harder when we become parents.⁣
Increased conflict is a normal challenge of parenthood - but it doesn't mean it feels good when you're in it.

The identity shift that happens to you as individuals AND as a couple can be HUGE. And where the hell is the village that is required to raise a child? (If you find the village, can you do us all a solid and let us know where it's at?)

So if we know conflict increases when we become parents, wouldn't it make a lot of sense to prepare for that normal challenge any way that you can?

I'll be reaching out for the next several posts because this is my jam, y'all! I LOVE working with expecting and new parents. I LOVE getting real about how to manage expectations of yourself, your partner, and your baby. I LOVE helping you move from the cycle of conflict to the cycle of connection. And I've got LOTS of ways to do this!

Three weeks from today my Becoming Us BEFORE Baby 4-week series starts. I like to say that these classes help to babyproof your couple relationship. They will happen on Monday evenings, 2/26-3/18 6-8:30 pm (PST) via ZOOM.

There are only 4 spots left and when they're gone, they're gone! So, if you've been thinking about preparing YOUR RELATIONSHIP for all the challenges and changes that are coming at you when you become a parent... this class is it! DM me for more information or jump on a *FREE* Discovery Call if you want to chat more. Private classes are ALWAYS an option!
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I just finished a series with a group of expectant families getting ready to meet their first babies. What a wonderful, tender, terrifying time! There's so much pressure to do this thing called parenthood the "right" way.⁣
Y'all, it's way harder to be a parent these days than it was when I was getting started 24 years ago! Back then, the internet was barely even a thing - and social media hadn't even been invented yet!

Those two things alone can make you feel overwhelmed with too much information and too many conflicting opinions about what is the "right" way to parent your littles.

What if I shared one question that might ease your intesne desire to do parenthood the "right" way?

Whenever you're faced with needing to make a parenting decision, ask yourself:


That's it. You don't have to compare yourself or the choices you're making with ANYONE else! Is your baby eating via boob or bottle? GREAT! How about your choice of diapers? Yay, you! Comparison is the thief of joy, y'all!

Let's all assume that if someone else is making a different choice about ANYTHING parenthood-related... it's not because it's better or worse. It's because that works best for THEIR family.

Feel any better? Y'all, parenthood IS vulnerability. There's no escaping it! Especially when we slam one another for the hard choices we have to make.
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Hope everyone's staying relatively warm, safe and dry! Popping on to say that I'm fairly sure the city will be thawed out by this Sunday, January 21st - just in time for you and your sweetie to heat things up! LOL⁣
Join me in this one-of-a-kind birth preparation class where you'll learn some hands-on skills for labor and birth, a lot of information about the science and power of connection, and why it matters so damn much when you're starting or adding to your family.

I've had many people say that this class blew them away in terms of how they connected they felt as a couple after spending  just 2.5 hours focused on what REALLY matters in preparation for their upcoming birth.

Register through the Birth First Education Center. 
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There's a version of you that NOBODY has met yet! It's still you... But it's "New Parent" you.⁣
"New Parent" you is impossible to know before your little one's birth. You can have ALL sorts of ideas about how you'll be as a parent while pregnant - but when the baby shows up on the scene, things could be very different.

There are SO many changes: individual changes to you, your partner, your extended family and friend circle... Y'all, it MATTERS that you get as much preparation for these changes as possible.

No one should feel like they had no idea what to expect. That's a scary place to be! I can't predict the changes that you'll go through, but I can help you manage your expectations which goes a LONG way in feeling more prepared.

All of my Becoming Us class series for 2024 are on my calendar. If you're looking to prepare not only yourself - but your couple relationship - for the changes ahead, then you should grab a spot BEFORE or AFTER your babe's arrival! 

I want you to thrive as a family, not just survive those most critical years of early parenthood, y'all! Studies show that if we don't intervene, 67% of couples report increased dissatisfaction in their relationship three YEARS after they start their family.

There's a better way! DM me for more info or jump on a *FREE* discovery call to connect for more information on how to babyproof your couple relationship! January classes start next week - are you going to be there? XO
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