Top 10 quotes on “Teaching”

Top 10 quotes on “Teaching”

I swear that I’m not trying to cop-out on this post. I’m just trying to stay true to my original intention of using the word prompts supplied by the wonderful Kate Motaung of Five Minute Friday fame and it just so happens that Day 4’s word was “Learn” and today’s word is “Teach.” I already […]


The demands that are put on our bodies during pregnancy, birth and postpartum are no joke! We need extra TLC during these experiences!


(Warning: today’s post is a bit of a rant…) Sometimes in life, it can be helpful to turn to the classic Disney film, Bambi, to learn from the mistakes of one of its main characters: Thumper. Let me explain… I was talking to a bunch of pregnant folks at an Infant CPR class and we […]

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