Below you will see a list of my full range of classes.

If you do not see a class you would like to take currently offered, please reach out.

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

If you are newly pregnant and wanting a one-day class that will address all the things that matter to you RIGHT NOW… This is the class for you!  We will cover the emotional and physical symptoms that you may be experiencing, your birthing location options, the differences between providers, and what to expect as you get closer to that all-important due date (or, rather, due month!) This class is offered as a recorded webinar you can watch at a time that is most convenient for you. Please reach out for more information.

Childbirth Preparation Class (small group online or private in-person)

Childbirth Preparation classes are based on the Six Healthy Birth Practices of Lamaze — which means you can trust that what you’re learning is current and evidence-based. My personal philosophy is to provide unbiased information so that you can be informed of all of your options and learn how to partner with your provider and other members of your birth team in a model of shared decision-making.

I believe it’s possible to have a positive birth experience no matter how your birth unfolds, if you have realistic expectations about what your experience might involve. Based on my knowledge of adult learning theories, I use a lot of humor to encourage engagement and retention of the information.

Comfort Measures for Labor Class (online or in-person)

If you’re an experienced parent wanting a “refresher” or if you’ve taken other classes but would like to have some additional practice of tools to help you cope with contractions, this class is for you! Topics covered include: Massage, Breathing & Positions, the Importance of The Mind-Body Connection and Birth, and the Three R’s: Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual. 

The Connection Bubble

This Couples Connection Class is unlike any other class you might take in preparation for birth. You can’t predict or plan for birth, not really. But you can set yourselves up to be present to one another, to focus on what really matters, and to feel deeply connected as a family even before your baby arrives!

Becoming Us

You may have taken childbirth and breastfeeding classes to prepare for your baby — but have you prepared your relationship for this transition from couple to family? Becoming Us is designed to help babyproof your couple relationship – no matter where you are on your parenthood journey!

Re-Prioritizing Our Relationship

My 1:1 Couples Coaching Sessions are a great way to get your relationship back on track, or to fine tune what’s working for you as you move from being a couple to becoming a family.

Who am I now?

On the day your baby was born a different version of YOU was born also. The transition to parenthood is a big one and it can have profound effects on your self-identity. While there can be tremendous joy and satisfaction in raising the next generation, it’s also normal to feel like you’ve lost yourself in this new role.

Adding to Our Family

Many families may have questions about what it means to move from a family of three to four (or more!) and would like to have a neutral party to discuss the realities of what is involved with this decision.

I Need to Tell My Story

Giving birth is a life-changing event for everyone in the family! And it’s an event that usually doesn’t go “according to plan.” On the other side of your baby’s birth, you may feel like you need to tell your story to someone who will really listen. Especially if you feel like your birth went a little (or a lot) sideways! You deserve to be the protagonist – the hero, really – of your own birth story… Let me help you find your way.

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