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I love what I do!

Working with me can ensure that your message has greater reach and bigger impact. Be the most effective educator you can be!

That moment of seeing my audience make their own connections in learning, discovering for themselves what they believe and how they feel about what matters most to them, never gets old for me.

And there’s nothing like being up and in front of an audience (of 20 or 200) when it all starts to flow, and I slip into “the zone.” The level of engagement that can happen between an effective educator or presenter and their audience is a powerful thing to experience.

Through my work as a Health Educator over the past two decades, I’ve mentored new and veteran educators as they move through their on-boarding process. It’s challenging to be attentive to all the details that make for effective teaching, facilitating, and presenting. Mentoring someone calls upon my ability to provide constructive feedback that remains supportive enough to help mentees uncover their personal strengths to engage their audience members effectively.

After years of teaching, mentoring, and facilitating groups I’ve honed these skills to help countless professionals become better at their jobs. 


I’m available to present to your group large or small. I’m also available for interviews on anything related to bellies, birth, babies and beyond.Contact me directly to discuss scheduling and availability.

I’ve spoken at local, national, and international conferences on many topics in the field of Maternal-Fetal Health Education and Adult Education Theories. I’ve also been honored to work with Labor & Delivery nurses, and Medical Residents training in Obstetrics in group trainings on how to support the birthing person — physically and emotionally.

I love speaking and presenting on these topics and I’m available to present to your group, large or small. Contact me directly to discuss scheduling and availability.

See some of my presentation topics.

Mentoring & Facilitation

Childbirth/Parenthood Preparation for Members of your Organization

I’m available to partner with organizations and corporations to bring my classes to your members or employees. Providing opportunities for childbirth or parenthood preparation on-site can strengthen and support those who are expecting or farther along on their parenthood journey. This translates to a more engaged and happier team. Contact me directly to discuss scheduling a class that will fit the needs of your organization or corporation.

Some of my presentations include:

Make ‘Em Laugh: How to Add Humor to Your Teaching How to use appropriate humor to encourage engagement and retention with adult learners.

Teach to Reach: The Six Rules of Engagement Tools for going beyond humor that include the top six ways to keep an audience interested, engaged and learning, no matter what your topic.

Birth Plans — Helpful or Harmful? Today’s Birth Plans might be doing more harm than good. How do we work with our brains to stop planning and start participating to have the most positive and satisfying birth experience possible?

The Power (And SCIENCE) of Connection: And Its Impact on Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting The neurobiology of connection and co-regulation for birthing families and those who work with them.

What’s So Bad About Mommy Brain? The Negative Implications of Ignoring the Upside The neurobiology of parenthood and how to work with our brains not against them to create and support families that thrive.

Skilled Labor Support: The Balance of Art & Science Hands on presentation for birth professionals who are wanting to learn how to support birthing folks physically AND emotionally.

Becoming Us: Babyproofing the Couple Relationship Can Lower the Risk of PMADS Using the Becoming Us curriculum to strengthen a couple’s relationship and lessen the risk of a leading indicator of PMAD development: relationship dissatisfaction.

What Happens in Vagus, Stays in Vagus! How the 10th cranial nerve is affected by stress and ways to increase co-regulation for birth – and life.

The Regulation Response: Your Brain in Pregnancy & Beyond How to work with the neurobiological changes that occur during pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.

Don’t “DIS” Comfort: What to Expect and How to Deal with Common Discomforts of Pregnancy & Beyond The more common discomforts in each trimester and how to prevent or deal with them as a pregnant or newly postpartum person.

The 8 Stages of Parenthood A look at prepared parenthood, based on the research of Elly Taylor.

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