Welcome to the most important journey of your life…parenthood

I guide families, just like yours, through the life-changing process of becoming a parent.
Working with me, is like having your very own hiking guide, someone who can help you travel up, over, or around whatever comes across your path… Come on, let’s get started!

My Offerings

One on One

Sometimes you want to be able to go at your own pace, stop and look around, or choose your own adventure! Having a private guide by your side to help you as an individual or as a couple figure out what your next best step is can be super helpful.

I’m here for you!


With over twenty-five years of practical experience inside and outside the classroom, I can help you navigate all the twists and turns that you’ll come across on your parenthood journey. Taking a class with other folks who are experiencing the same changes and challenges, can be very helpful in normalizing what you’re going through.

My Approach

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Destination Parenthood

You have questions, probably a lot of questions, so an initial consultation is how I like to begin. We can go over what to expect as you move toward parenthood, and I can explain where I can be of most help to you.

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Tools for the Journey

Once you know where you’re going, we’ll put together YOUR personal map that outlines how you’ll move from Point A to Point B.

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Trekking Ahead

It’s normal for life to get in the way of your travels! We can work together to get you back on track and help you stay on track as you build a family that thrives!

About Me

“What you see is what you get!”

Authenticity is at the core of everything I am and everything I do.

Who you find here, through my writing, listening to my podcast, or in one of my classes or sessions is exactly who you’d find if we were to meet up in person over a beer or a cup of coffee.

I’d love to be your guide…

someone you can trust to give you the real story about the pregnancy, birth, and parenthood journey. I’ll always be honest with you about the challenges as well as the joys of these life-changing experiences. Because I believe realistic expectations better prepare you for what’s to come.

There’s SO much information available about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood – all at the touch of a button. It can be so overwhelming at times!

Not to mention social media. It can be a wonderful way to connect with others going through the same experience, but it can also turn into a war zone as you try to navigate what feels right for YOU. It’s hard to not get defensive or feel attacked by those who make decisions that are different from yours.

Let’s face it: if parenting were an emotion, it would be vulnerability.

There’s so much pressure to do it the “right” way – whatever that means. So, you stay busy with planning out the fantasy experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, instead of participating in what’s real and happening right now. Because all of it feels too big, too scary, too “what the hell were we thinking?”

But vulnerability is a normal part of this journey you’re on! I hope that some of the passion and joy I can share with you as your guide will help ease that vulnerability.

I’d like this to be a safe place for you and your partner to land as you navigate your OWN journey of parenthood.

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