Season 03/Episode 13: Help!

It takes courage, openness and vulnerability to realize when you need to ask others for help. We are hard-wired for connection and were never meant to do much of anything in life - least of all, raise the next generation - in isolation. Asking for help is key to creating connection.

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Episode 12: Please Don’t Let Me Screw This Up!

Feeling vulnerable as parents might not be enjoyable... but remember the most vulnerable person in your family is the baby! If you can embrace your vulnerability and not run from it, the potential is there for your whole family to be transformed.

Episode 11: Spotlight on Dads & Partners

Becoming a parent is one of life's most vulnerable experiences. But the focus remains on how the pregnant, birthing and postpartum person is feeling. Spotlighting how Dads & Partners feel as they become parents is one way the whole family can thrive.

Episode 10: Just Say No

Becoming a parent means setting some healthy boundaries for your new little family. And this can trigger all sorts of vulnerable feelings for EVERYONE. But it's SO worth it!

Episode 08: The Hero’s Journey of Birth

The vulnerability that folks feel around the actual birth makes sense. But embracing those feelings, rather than ignoring them, might make all of it just a little bit easier. Remember: no matter how your birth story turns out - YOU ARE A HERO.

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