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In this online, on-demand webinar you’ll learn about how the decisions you make in early pregnancy can have huge impact on your labor, birth and new parenthood experiences.

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Those folks who are curious about getting pregnant, actively working towards having a baby, or still in their first trimester of pregnancy. If you already have a baby, but are interested in having a different labor, birth and new parenting experience than your first experience, you might also find this class very helpful!

You can watch this webinar – even as you take notes – from start to finish in less than an hour. This webinar is designed to help you decide the 5 W’s of birth so that you feel confident about making the choices that are right for YOUR birth experience right from the very start.

While I will not be LIVE as you’re watching the webinar (I want you to be able to watch this in the comfort of your own home whenever it’s most convenient for you!) you can always follow-up with me via email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Work with me! I’ve got lots of other services available to help you ALL along your parenthood journey. Schedule a call and we can figure out what would best meet your needs.


Getting ready for the “Big Day!”

I am a Lamaze certified Childbirth Educators and a Fellow in the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educator and have had the honor of teaching thousands of families everything they need to know about labor and birth. Work with me – through a small-group, lunch-hour, 4-week set of on-line sessions or privately in the comfort of your own home – and you’ll approach the big day with less fear and overwhelm and more confidence and excitement!

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First-time parents or blended families where one of the parents will be going through birth for the first time, or if it’s been a while since you last gave birth. This will be a comprehensive look at labor and birth and all of your questions will be answered live and in real-time.
In whatever format you choose, rest assured that you will receive all the information you need to know what to expect and to inform the decisions you’ll need to make on the day you give birth. Specifically, we’ll discuss stages of labor, when to go to the hospital or birth center (or call your team to come to your homebirth), how to cope with your contractions, the benefits and risks of interventions and medications, what’s involved with Cesarean Birth, and the immediate postpartum experience.

In a word, NO. I think birth is often too big to be planned and there is no “right” way to have a
baby, there’s only YOUR way. You can expect current, unbiased, and evidence-based
information from me on every topic we will cover in our time together.

Yes. It’s still great to know what’s involved with birth no matter how it begins. An induction and/or Cesarean Birth have specific considerations that you will want to have more information about. All of my classes are comprehensive and address every way your baby might be born.


What do I do again?

This is a one and done class focused on the mind-body connection and practical tools for increasing comfort in labor and birth.

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Seasoned parents who’ve already been through this process before and just need a refresher or for expecting parents who are wanting more hands-on practice for the experience of labor and birth.

Deep discussion around the mind-body connection in labor and birth as well as hands-on practice of comfort measures that will help you cope with your labor and birth experience.

No. The comfort measures that we will cover this in this class are helpful for EVERYONE: those who are wanting to go as far as they can or all the way without medication and those who are planning on getting the epidural as soon as possible. It’s designed to give you coping skills that can help in early, active and transition labor – as well as new parenting!

An open mind and a willing support partner are all you REALLY need! But I’ll send you an email before our meeting time to suggest a few practical things that will make this class more meaningful for you in terms of practice.

Tools for the Journey


The Connection Bubble

Our Couples Connection Class is unlike any other class you might take in preparation for birth. You can’t predict or plan for birth, not really. But you can set yourselves up to be present to one another, to focus on what really matters, and to feel deeply connected as a family even before your baby arrives.

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This class is live, lasts 2.5 hours long and usually happens on the first Sunday of the month. Private classes are always available, contact me for more information.

Couples Connection is about solidifying your couple relationship in preparation for labor and birth. There will be practical hands-on experiences focused on the role of the partner and what they can do specifically to help you cope with your contractions.

The Connection Bubble is the term I use to create a special bond between you and your partner so that no matter how your birth unfolds, your baby can be born into this deep, strong connection that you share already.

No – but you will receive a handful of resources after the class is over to encourage a deepening your couple connection before your baby’s birth.


Becoming Us

You may have taken childbirth and breastfeeding classes to prepare for your baby — but have you prepared your relationship for this transition from couple to family? Becoming Us is designed to help babyproof your couple relationship – no matter where you are on your parenthood journey!

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Studies show that 92% of couples report increased conflict following the birth of their first baby. 67% of couples report relationship dissatisfaction 3 years into their parenting journey. This doesn’t have to happen to you or your relationship! In this series, you’ll learn how to manage the unexpected, routines that will support you, your partner and your baby’s health, how to better adjust to your new normal, do conflict well, and connect & reconnect through your life-long parenting journey!

No. I have both BEFORE and AFTER Baby class series so no matter if you are anxiously awaiting your first or you’ve been parenting for what feels like an eternity – I got your back! These classes will help strengthen your couple relationship no matter where you land in the parenthood journey.

No. Becoming Us is a 4-week series of classes that build upon each other every week. When you register, you’re committing to attend all four sessions. If you miss a class in the series you will need to arrange to make this up before the next class privately and at extra charge.

Yes! Through the power of ZOOM, I’m able to work with families outside of the PST timezone. If I’m able, I will try to pair you up with other families and choose a time that will work for all of us – peer to peer learning can make this experience so much richer for everyone. Private classes are always an option. Please reach out directly to schedule


Re-Prioritizing Our Relationship

My 1:1 Couples Coaching Sessions are a great way to get your relationship back on track, or to fine tune what’s working for you as you move from being a couple to becoming a family.

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No, I’m not. My focus is on coaching couples through the normal challenges and changes that come along when they’re either prepping for a new baby to join their family, or they need to reprioritize their couple relationship now that they are parenting together.

Nope – I coach ALL families, expecting, new or deep into it! At all ages and stages there are normal challenges and changes that might come up for you and having someone who’s been there, done that, and worked with 1000s of couples over the past two decades can help you see that your relationship isn’t about to blow up… it just needs a little more attention.

I help folks prioritize their couple relationship, I encourage clear communication, I help them prepare for a 2nd or 3rd baby, I help them move through conflict or anything else that has got them feeling “stuck.” I am well aware of my scope of practice and happy to refer on if needed.

Sometimes they only need a couple, but others have worked with me for several months. It all depends on the individual needs of your family. There is a discounted price if you purchase 4 sessions at a time.

Trekking Ahead


Who Am I Now?

On the day your baby was born a different version of YOU was born also. The transition to parenthood is a big one and it can have profound effects on your self-identity. While there can be tremendous joy and satisfaction in raising the next generation, it’s also normal to feel like you’ve lost yourself in this new role.

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No. This is a 1:1 private session where we meet to discuss your new identity as a parent.

There are profound changes that occur in the maternal brain – often referred to negatively as “Mommy Brain” – that encourage positive maternal behaviors that are adaptive to your new role. But modern-day parenting is not supportive of these changes. Knowing how your brain works is empowering and can be important for the health of your whole family!

An open mind is all you need as we take on YOUR particular struggles in self-identity to identify what and how your circle of support can help you integrate who you were and who you are now into a cohesive whole.

They can be booked as a single 1-hour session, or we can look into booking a 4-session package for a discounted price.


Adding to Our Family

Many families may have questions about what it means to move from a family of three to four (or more!) and would like to have a neutral party to discuss the realities of what is involved with this decision.

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These are private 1:1 sessions for couples.

Usually, this is a single session where we discuss any/all concerns about what adding to the family would mean to both partners. There is no guarantee of coming to a decision at the end of the discussion but being able to hear one another’s perspective as part of the decision-making process is incredibly helpful.

Yes! You’d be surprised to hear that this is a complex issue for lots of parents and not an easy decision to make. Having a neutral party to guide discussion can make it less so.

Just a willingness to have an open-hearted discussion and to get real about any issues or concerns each of you may have (that you might not have even known about before – sometimes the real concern comes up in the discussion.)



I Need to Tell My Story

Giving birth is a life-changing event for everyone in the family! And it's an event that usually doesn't go "according to plan." On the other side of your baby's birth, you may feel like you need to tell your story to someone who will really listen. Especially if you feel like your birth went a little or a lot sideways! You deserve to be the protagonist - the hero, really - of your own birth story... Let me help you find your way.

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No. This is a private 1:1 session to help parents process and integrate their birth story.

It could be for both of you! The birth experience typically is very different for the birthing person and their partner. Sometimes both people need to tell their version of the story, sometimes only one person is needing this work.

In a 1-hour session, you would tell your story in whatever detail you are comfortable with and I will take notes. Using the tools of resonance and empathy, we will explore the hardest parts of your birth story to see if we can release anything that’s being held in the body. Many people will report that they feel like they “can breathe again” after doing this work together.

Yes. On the other side of the session I will provide you (and your partner if you wish) with my writing exercise: Retelling and Reclaiming Your Birth Story. It’s a way to capture the birth story and to see all of those moments where you were strong and you felt supported in one of the most important events of your life.


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