Being Present

I love doulas! And recently, I came out of retirement to be the doula at a birth and got to experience first-hand why continuous labor support works.

Snow Dazed and Confused

An overdue post ( deayed due to hazardous weather conditions) that is a lot like a real conversation: meandering, messy, finally coming to the point – Conversation is an art worthy of protection.

I Believe…

This is the famous quote from author, Marianne Williamson. I read this for the first time printed in The Oregonian on a random page apropos of nothing – it wasn’t part of a larger article or a highlighted quote. Someone, for some reason, spent what would have been a bit of money back in the […]

Happy World Doula Week!

I can’t let this week go by without a shout-out to all of the wonderful women I know personally, and professionally, who’ve taken up the call to become a doula. A doula is a woman trained to assist other women in childbirth and/or to support a new family following the birth of their baby. And […]

Sex Life? What Sex Life? Part II

As mentioned in an earlier post, Sex Life? What Sex LIfe? Part I, there are many factors that can conspire to make postpartum sex a little bit tricky to initiate. But the good news is there’s only one thing necessary to have a lasting and healthy sexual relationship: direct, open and honest communication. When you […]

Childbirth Educator? Rockstar? Do I Have to Choose?

If wasn’t a Childbirth Educator, I’d be a Rockstar! Not that I’d actually be a Rockstar, I’m not that good – but I can dream, right?! I just came off of a “Work Weekend.” My job as a Childbirth Educator is all evening and weekend work. It’s one of the things that makes this position […]

HELP – I’m Drowning!

When it comes to new parenting, many of us can feel like we’re drowning in a sea of information, of impossible learning curves, of all the things we have to do to just get through the day. This old flyer from The American Red Cross about how to rescue the drowning caught my eye and, […]

Babe, I’m Leaving!

How to keep your couple relationship going strong? Leave every once in awhile (but make sure to come back!)

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