Happy Mother’s Day?????

I can’t tell you how many women I know, Mommas for the first time, or several times over, that don’t really look forward to the holiday that’s happening a few days from now. Mother’s Day is not always happy. But it might not be because of the reasons you’d expect. Sometimes Mother’s Day is rough […]

Crafty Momma

Gift Baskets for L&D Nurses? I’m not that kind of “Crafty Momma”- are you?

It’s Been A Long Day…

“The days are long, but the years are short.” My Mom used to tell me this when my children were small and I was feeling the challenges of new motherhood. Now, that my baby will be turning 8 (tomorrow!) I’m starting to understand the wisdom of these words…

The Secret Ingredient = LOVE

After 26 years, I’m finally able to recreate my most favorite post Thanksgiving recipe… and it tastes just like Mom’s.

Words Matter

How do you want your families to remember you in the retelling of their birth story? What impact do you want to have? Words matter… More than you know!

That First Look

The moment when you first lock eyes with your baby is magical… Take all the time you need and look – really look – at this new human being you’ve brought into the world.

Dear Mom…

Dear Mom… Consider this a love letter to my Mom. If I could be half the mother she is, my children would be very lucky indeed.

Starting Young

Is there a connection to what you were passionate about at the age of seven and what you should be doing in your profession as an adult? Maybe…

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