HELP – I’m Drowning!

When it comes to new parenting, many of us can feel like we’re drowning in a sea of information, of impossible learning curves, of all the things we have to do to just get through the day. This old flyer from The American Red Cross about how to rescue the drowning caught my eye and, […]

There Is Hope

What if you really wanted to be a Momma? What if you and your partner tried for a long time to get pregnant – and it finally happened? What if you were not in the “right” relationship at the time you found yourself surprised by a pregnancy? What if you chose to do this whole […]

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…

  Perhaps, you thought that you and your partner would be on the same page in terms of “growing up” and taking care of your new little baby? Perhaps, you thought you’d both suddenly be so much more mature? Perhaps, the reality of where each of you are in your development as new parents is […]

Shhh… Baby’s Sleeping

Those signs you receive at baby showers that are supposed to go on your front door asking people to knock softly and avoid ringing the doorbell so your baby will stay asleep are really interesting to me. Not that I don’t understand how badly it sucks when you finally get a baby to sleep to […]

Silent Night

I used to look forward to the silence that would surround us at 2 am when my baby would wake to eat – again. The whole world was asleep and we were the only two beings on earth locking our eyes on one another in that moonlit room. This was not always the case, mind […]

A Little Goes A Long Way…

I’ve been away from my role as Momma to my four children for the past five days. I’ve been at an amazing writer’s workshop and retreat at the Mohonk Mountain Resort with seventeen other writers discovering the heart of the Story that we feel we must tell. It was an awesome experience, and I mean […]

Can You Put a Price Tag on Parenting?

If you could put a value on parenting your newborn baby, a dollar amount, for all your hard work, what would that value be? The reason parents are not paid for all of the work that they do for their children is because there isn’t a government agency or corporation large enough to cover the […]


  Sometimes… Parenting feels Like riding a wave In Santa Barbara Sun shining Blue sky brushed with paint strokes of white Water warm like a bath just drawn Waves Smooth, gentle, easy Kissing your ankles and calves Moving toward you and away again In a hypnotic rhythm Sometimes… Parenting feels more Like a “Sneaker Wave” […]

The Opposite of Permanent

My Mom, wise Momma of six, used to tell me on the days when I would call in tears to report that I’d already lost it with my kids ten times before 9:00 in the morning: “The days are long, but the years are short.” I took great comfort in these words, because it helped […]

The Parental Code of Honor

Have you ever heard of “The Honor Code?” It’s something usually found in academic settings or universities and is a set of rules or principles created to govern the behavior of the members within that community. A posted honor code might read something like this: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized […]