SBWave ORWaves

Parenting feels
Like riding a wave
In Santa Barbara

Sun shining
Blue sky brushed with paint strokes of white
Water warm like a bath just drawn
Smooth, gentle, easy
Kissing your ankles and calves
Moving toward you and away again
In a hypnotic rhythm

Parenting feels more
Like a “Sneaker Wave”
Along the Oregon Coast

One minute
Walking along the water’s edge
Looking for a sand dollar
With no edges broken

Then –

Water crashing in from all sides
Tumbling head over heels
Up then down then up again
Hoping the undertow
Doesn’t drag you out to sea

These waves
Keep coming

Small and gentle
Or with monstrous ferocity
Sometimes both
At the same time

They never stop
Do they?

Have you had days like this as a new parent? Have you ever had a day that had both types of waves? How do you find your footing on the days when the water is rough?


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