The Eyes Have It

There’s an article that I just read from the BBC about a project called “One Day Young” from London photographer, Jenny Lewis, who for the past seven years has been capturing a stolen moment in time in the lives of new mother/baby pairs within 24 hours of birth. I encourage you to look at all […]

Crash Out, Please!

I just spent the last several hours talking to four different groups of expectant parents about how important it was after the birth of their baby that they crash out when their baby does following birth. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s really, really vital to getting your new parenting off to the […]

Silent Night

I used to look forward to the silence that would surround us at 2 am when my baby would wake to eat – again. The whole world was asleep and we were the only two beings on earth locking our eyes on one another in that moonlit room. This was not always the case, mind […]

Can You Put a Price Tag on Parenting?

If you could put a value on parenting your newborn baby, a dollar amount, for all your hard work, what would that value be? The reason parents are not paid for all of the work that they do for their children is because there isn’t a government agency or corporation large enough to cover the […]

It Isn’t Easy Being Green

We can all feel super “green” when it comes to parenting – and I’m not talking about being environmentally conscious. Parenting seems so new and foreign. It doesn’t really matter how many books you’ve read or how many classes you’ve taken in preparation for becoming parents (or even how many classes you’ve taught about the […]

Make ‘Em Laugh

One of the things that can be really frustrating for new parents is the lack of positive feedback from their newborns. They are needy little creatures at first and many new parents are hoping for babies who might not be laughing straight out of the womb, but will at least smile every once in a while. […]

“The Period of Purple Crying” What is THAT?!

Have you heard about “The Period of Purple Crying?” Have you already experienced it? If not, consider yourself lucky. If you are reading this in the midst of such a period, you have my greatest empathy. The Period of Purple Crying is something that most parents will experience at some point and I want you to […]

Happy Birth Day to Me!

This post is dedicated to my first-born “baby,” who made me a Momma sixteen years ago today. She’s grown into such a lovely young woman. Beautiful, inside and out. Mature well beyond her years. Determined, curious and questioning. She’s fun and funny. She lives her life at a volume that might be too loud for […]

I’m Ready for My Close Up!

As new parents you might be tempted to try and capture every moment with your new baby. This is true of almost every parent – even those of us who had babies before smart phones were ever invented! (I know, I know… I’m old.) I’m putting this in writing for the sake of my two […]

Wake Up Call

Maybe the newborn period ISN’T the most glorious time of a new parent’s life. Is that reality not something we can talk about honestly?

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