Mothers Make It All Happen

“Mothers… We make it all happen, don’t we?” This is what the young, pregnant Momma pumping my gas said to me this morning. (Don’t judge! It’s a law in Oregon. It’s actually illegal to pump your own gas. For real.) I shook my head and answered, “Yep, we sure do.” And then we went on […]

The Tooth Fairy

In which I try to explain the REAL magic of the Tooth Fairy to my too-young-to-know-it’s-just-his-parents kid… How’d I do?

The Light in the Darkness

When the state of the world seems so dark, remember that your baby is bringing the light of who they are to a place that needs it so badly.

Dear Mom…

Dear Mom… Consider this a love letter to my Mom. If I could be half the mother she is, my children would be very lucky indeed.

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