Broken Hearted

When one mother loses her baby, all other mothers can empathize. It’s part of being a mother.

Crafty Momma

Gift Baskets for L&D Nurses? I’m not that kind of “Crafty Momma”- are you?

It’s Been A Long Day…

“The days are long, but the years are short.” My Mom used to tell me this when my children were small and I was feeling the challenges of new motherhood. Now, that my baby will be turning 8 (tomorrow!) I’m starting to understand the wisdom of these words…

The Secret Ingredient = LOVE

After 26 years, I’m finally able to recreate my most favorite post Thanksgiving recipe… and it tastes just like Mom’s.

Becoming Mother – The Interview

My first ever Birth Happens interview with author, Sharon Tjaden-Glass about her book, Becoming Mother. It is a well-written, authentic and honest account of the realities of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Tell Me What You Want – What You Really, Really Want

So for the past two years, I’ve taken part in the Write 31 Days project – in fact, it’s how I really got my start as a blogger. Because, “Go Big or Go Home!” seems to be a personal motto of mine. The deal is that you commit to writing and publishing a blog post every […]

I Love a Good Conference…

I was at an all-day conference over the weekend that focused on body positivity -a touchy subject for most women, especially those whose bodies have been transformed by pregnancy and birth. There’s so much pressure for us to return to – acting, working, looking, behaving, being – who we were before the baby. This presumes two things: […]

Dear Mom…

Dear Mom… Consider this a love letter to my Mom. If I could be half the mother she is, my children would be very lucky indeed.