A Body at Rest…

This work of ushering new, little people into the human race is hard, stinky, messy work a lot of the time. And all of it is made so much harder by the fact that these new, little people have no clue how to sleep during the hours that old, big people are used to keeping. […]

Help! I Need Somebody! Help! Not Just Anybody!

I’m in a group of Mommas who realized something many years ago – we all had ADs: “Alpha Daughters!” They were just Kindergarteners at the time, but most of them had older siblings and had been coming to the playground for years. They thought they ruled the school! We all realized their wonderful potential, but […]

Comparisons… Why do we do it to ourselves?

Comparison is the thief of joy. So said Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President. I’m guessing that he was not talking about women and their birth experiences, but this quote absolutely applies to what can happen when we compare our own birth stories with others. Recently I facilitated a postpartum support group for new parents and […]

Babe, I’m Leaving!

How to keep your couple relationship going strong? Leave every once in awhile (but make sure to come back!)

Wake Up Call

Maybe the newborn period ISN’T the most glorious time of a new parent’s life. Is that reality not something we can talk about honestly?

No Visitors Allowed

Photo by Linda Eller-Shein from Pexels We have this weird practice in our culture that no matter the circumstances of our birth, we should be leaving the doors to our room wide open so that everyone in the extended family can come and visit. The FBC units at hospitals are usually the only ones that don’t have strict […]

1,000 Minutes – The Golden Hours

Spending as much time as possible with your newborn skin-to-skin helps them make the all-important transition from being on the inside to the outside as smooth as possible.

The 4th Trimester = “New Normal”

Three months is the bare minimum for how long it takes for families to realize their “new normal.” Parental leave needs to be extended through the 4th Trimester to support families in this huge life transition.

I Need A Nap!

What should your #1 priority be for postpartum??? SLEEP and how are you going to get more of it?


The demands that are put on our bodies during pregnancy, birth and postpartum are no joke! We need extra TLC during these experiences!